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mural drawings

"free" (Oct. 31, 2010, pencil and ink drawing, 12x24")


I just finished this commission!  It is called "Free," and it shows a soul being freed from his slavery and bondage to this world system after he is born again.  He is freed from the hold that the devil (the serpent in the center) had on his life.  Fiery darts are still fired at this newborn soul, as seen in the bazooka firing warrior at the bottom left, and the sword thrashing aggressors on the bottom half.  He is no longer plagued by the curses of this world, embodied by the frog, the snail, the hanging bats, and the near-sighted half-eagle/half man creature on the horse.

Many of the sins which held the soul captive are shown in various vignettes, including warfare, strife, lust, covetousness, drunkedness, pride, and self-centeredness.  This piece also shows that the Word of God is not chained. 

I was inspired by Colossians 1:13, which reads, "He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love..."

"the knight" (2009, charcoal mural, 7x9')

I think I'd better try to explain this one.  So here it goes -

 What you see here was me releasing out all of my pain when my wife became disabled six years ago and nearly died.

 This large mural (7 feet by 9 feet) shows me as the little knight in the center on top of the green orb.  He is small - too small in fact to be of any use to his precious girl, seen to the right atop the whitish dome.

 She is threatened by various beasts, such as the gorillas, the immense snail, the bull, the marauding army, the lobster claw, and the sea anenome. 

 But through it all, there is a figure (in the lower central area) being crushed by the metropolis, who feels my pain. Only his outstretched arms are barely visible.  He bore my pain on the cross, and though unseen, He is there.  He carried us through.  Often it seemed like more than we could bear.  But He was faithful.  I look forward to seeing Him in person, on my face...





"the prince 2" (12_09, illustration created in Sketchup and Photoshop)

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