Posted by John Grant IV on June 25, 2011 at 5:26 PM

Wow!  I just received the most amazing e-mail below -- how exciting it is to be connected to my deceased great-grandmother Eugenia (Witzleben) Grant -- it is almost as if she were sending me artistic boosts, boons, and encouragements to press on to see where my God-given gifts may lead me... Read on!

"Hello John.  I'm S.H. and I live in _,  CA.  I periodically search the internet for Eugenia to see if anything new pops up.  Wow,  was I excited to find you!  In 2001, I was walking around Fair Oaks Antiques in Pasadena and I came upon a  an oil pastel that made my heart leap into my throat.  Love at first sight.  I had to have it and I do.

This work, titled "Tropics" is by your great grand mother Eugenia Grant and was exhibited at the Bowers Museum (Santa Ana) in 1947.  It is 22" X 29", still in its original frame with the exhibition stickers on the back.

I know so little about Eugenia, finding only short bio entries and scant examples of her art save some decorative floral prints and cards.....

"Tropics" is an exquisite work, extraordinarily rendered.  I took these photos this morning and they don't do it justice (the colors are more vibrant). 

I wanted to share this with you and congratulate you on taking a leap of faith into art..... it's in your DNA.




P.S.  Although I can't part with it yet, it would give me great pleasure to one day send "Tropics" home to you.........



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