Posted by John Grant IV on February 19, 2011 at 7:57 PM

Been sick for two weeks.  My jaw has been killing me these past two days.

It's difficult to draw when I'm in pain.

Been thinking abo. my art lately, from a third person point of view.

If I went into a museum, I would not be drawn to it, honestly.

I would much rather look at John Singer Sargent's stuff, and Picasso, and Van Gogh.

Perhaps one day, I will get on the path to paint like Sargent.

I'm really tired.  Been working very intensely on my drawings these past 16 months.  Feel like I'm running out of steam, and that I need an artistic second wind.

I've read that it takes about 10 years of intense practice to get REALLY good at something.  I've been drawin intensely for 1.5 years now.

So thankful for steady encouragement from my parents, my wife, Mark and Mimi, and from Pastor Mosheh C., of Bellflower, CA.  Also thankful for Victor and Tamira K., Ryan W., my Grandfather (John G. II), Anthony R., Tim V., Helen H., and Kathy D. 

I'm thankful for Craig & Caroline A., Alastair R., Tom D., Nik A., Belinda (from Art on Glass in Seal Beach), Paul and Wendy V., Waxer T., Rick S., Tim C., Britt M., John F., Dave and MaryAnn,  Landon D., Mitch J., Brad Y., Bill M., Phil M., Brian and Leslie O., Ron and Cindy H., Eva, Charlie, Fernando M., Ben, Joel B., Gene and Bob B., Bob & Toni C., Dennis L., Bob M., Rich H., Alex G.,  Brent K., Melinda G., Guillermo V., Bob W., Rex and Laura W., Steve and Shellie S., Roger and Stacey G., Gilert C., Ricky R., Richard and Liza T., Arlene L. and Mary G., Brian F., Lewis K., Chuck W., Mr. Hinojosa, Mr. Lloyd, Professor Richard H., Dick D.,  Nathan (from Nathan's Book store in Seal Beach), Russ and Harriet C., Boots and Kenny N., my grandparents Charles and Dorothy V., and Beverly G., Josh, Daniel, Mike, Roger, Tim, Tomas, Mark B., James, Matt & Karlin, Randy and Abigail, Jennifer, Jack H., Wendy & Gary M., Lori & Miles E., Troy and Antoinette B., Jimbo E., and many others who I have forgotten to mention here...

All these people have helped to make me the person and artist that I am!

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