college station, tx artists, galleries and groups

alexander, phillip, Dr., of College Station, TX (aviation artwork, drawings)
art979gallery of Bryan
TX (in the Village Downtown restaurant)
art c's gallery
 of Somerville, TX (owned by Cheryl Wooten and Cathy Schuster)
arts council of brazos valley
of College Station, TX (promoting the arts in the Brazos Valley)
benson, guy
, of College Station, TX - painter and photographer
bevins, jami
, of College Station, TX
bianchi, chris... of B/CS, TX... He and I were in the same oil painting class in B/CS with Dimitri Koustov.  He will be going to art school in NY in the fall. (2_25_12)
binda, renzo... of college station, tx... excellent photographer... good artist... more info here (1_19_13)

bissett, tammi l.
of College Station, TX - varied TAMU artwork
brazos valley art league
of College Station, TX (art league of various artists)
boutwell, george
 of Clifton, TX (Texas vernacular artwork)
brumley, randy of College Station, TX (western images, etc.)
butterfly chasers photography
of College Station, TX (portraits - high quality, wow)
bryan art collective (artBAC) of Bryan, TX
cannon, anita m
.... of bryan, tx.... watercolors and acrylics (6_8_12)
chadwick, ken of College Station?, pencil artist
chase, terry, Dr... an amazing science artist who does dioramas etc. for the Smithsonian and many others... (3_11_12)
chavez, stephany
... gifted wildlife charcoal artist of B/CS area... more info here (9_6_13)

coats, harold
, of Nacogdoches, TX (TAMU, Civil War, and animal artwork)
corbett, shawn
... surreal artist... more info here (2_1_13)

cushman, russell
of Navasota.  I just saw him on TV. (1_6_12)
davis, curtis
, airbrush artist, currently working in a kiosk in the Post Oak Mall... a multi-generational air-brush artist (6_20_11)
davison, dick
, of College Station, TX (fantasy-architectural murals)
d&s premier art, of Bryan, TX (owners, Sue and Dennis Corrington), Aug. 2010 - formerly in the basement of LaSalle Hotel in Bryan
dudley, june
... of college station (?), TX... accomplished painter of western and children scenes...I just received a kind email from her today... more info here  (6_5_13)

ellison, charles
oil paintings...(3_31_12)
forsyth center gallery
, MSC, of College Station, TX...
kristy petty, communications specialist... nan curtis, director (4_15_11)
frame gallery, the
, of Bryan, TX, greta watkins, owner
franklin, john
, of College Station, TX... filmmaker
gallery at round top
, of round top, TX...proprietors: karen vernon, and ken muenzenmayer (5_14_11)
gunn, clare
... retired A&M professor... drawings of A&M buildings... (3_14_12)
hadaway, ray of B/CS, TX... cool acrylic paintings... a loose feel... saw them today in Greta's Frame Gallery (2_24_12)
harvey, g
of Fredericksburg, TX... famous american artist
herrera, hailey
, of College Station, TX... great water colors!... great drawings (1_15_12)
house, felice
... of Austin, TX  (2_24_12)
jalapeeno, jimmy
... of Austin, TX (3_13_12)
kessinger, kent of College Station, TX... drawing, wood carvings, printing, etchings
knox, benjamin
of College Station, TX (TAMU, and other university artworks)
koustov, dmitri
, of College Station, TX...originally from Russia... teaches painting lessons (1_15_12)
lara, j. payne... of navasota... an award-winning western sculptor, painter... quite adept... more info here (9_22_12)

leland, bob
of College Station, TX... drawing, painting, murals... did a mural of horses and two figures in a green prairie at Greens Prairie Elementary School, in College Station, TX. (8_5_11)
lindsay, rose marie, of Bryan, TX... teaches water-color classes... paints water colors, oils, and draws pencil drawings (11_17_10)
luepnitz, ceci
... drawings, paintings, portraits (6_8_12)
marion, josh, of Bryan, TX... drawings, paintings, photographs, furniture (12_15_10)
mcdermott, scott
, of B/CS, TX area... artist... more info here (2_3_13)

miller, gisella
, of B/CS, TX area... artist, does murals, plasterwork, and great detailed ceilings (1_25_12)
pankey, jill
... of square 1 art studio in Bryan, TX... more info here (9_6_13)
phillips, becky
... of B/CS, TX?.... saw her work today in Greta's Frame Gallery (2_24_12)
pinkerton, john
of Somerville, TX... prolific artist of dogs, portraits, abstract, etc... also some essays (12_10_12)... he is very encouraging to me in my art pilgrimage (9_6_13)
rose, mike
of College Station, TX... archer...authentic military models with exacting attention to detail (2_20_12)
scarpace, j. vincent
of College Station, TX (fish artist)
schueckler, larry of College Station, TX (sculptor)
sellers, rebecca
... of B/CS... decorative artist (9_6_13)

singleton, tanner
of College Station?, TX... photographer of colorful nature scenes
sites, david
... artist of College Station, TX... formerly a billboard artist... very gifted... now paints abstract beach and ocean scenes... more info here (9_6_13)
spangler, linda jaynes of B/CS, TX... saw her work today in Greta's Frame Gallery (2_24_12)
stark, emma
, of B/CS, TX area?... muralist
stucky, laura... of B/CS, TX?.... saw her work today in Greta's Frame Gallery (2_24_12)
tamu dance program
, of College Station, TX, Katherine... This group recently danced at a BVAL event (9_02_10)
taylor, mark, of College Station?,, worship leader, musician, web designer, writer, media consultant, teacher
taylor, chuck...of B/CS, TX?.... saw his photography today in Greta's Frame Gallery (2_24_12)
theo's gallery
of College Station, TX... custom framing, fine art dealer, photo-restoration, digital scanning... Lewis King, Laurie Rhodes, co-owners
tw vanya
of Somerville, TX... (Timothy W. Vanya) western paintings, drawings and photographs
, of Brenham, TX, owner Kathy Boehnemann
van alstyne, jenny
, of College Station, TX?... whimsical alice in wonderland drawings re: the ravages of alzheimers  (7_5_11)
woodcock, david... of college station, tx... skillful loose drawings of architecture (5_11_12)
xiao, daniel
of College Station, TX (paintings, drawings, photographs)
younger, dana
... of Austin, TX (2_24_12)