Grant Artistry

artist john grant's website

airbrush artists

#1blair, dru amazing hyper-photo realism


bramante...(deceased) the architect of St. Peters (3_3_12)

frank gehry......friend of ed moses in L.A.  (3_11_12)  

art alliances

international guild of realism

laguna beach alliance for the arts of laguna beach, ca (my great-grandmother, eugenia grant, was a member of this group in 1945)

western artists of america... of corsicana, TX (2_26_12)

art clients

guinness, daphne (2_18_12)

KAWs (2_18_12)

sevigny, chloe (2_18_12)

sorrenti, mario (2_18_12)

art collectors

232 top art collectors (4_1_12)

abramovich, roman... a russian industrialist (3_9_12)  

annenberg, wallis... an esteemed private collector... He collects the work of British artist Tobias Keene, among others... (11_26_11)

arnault, bernard... a french luxury goods executive (3_9_12)

baibakov, maria... russian oligarch's daughter, art collector (4_1_12)

Baron H.H. Thyssen-Bornemisza  (2_18_12)

berggruen, heinz (deceased)... Jewish-German art dealer/collector.... Grandfather of Nicolas (below) (3_20_12)

berggruen, nicolas...this businessman plans to give art to the LACMA (3_18_12)

chen, pierre... taiwanese electonics mogul (3_9_12)  

cohen, steven... a NY hedge-fund manager who pooled $200 million with Larry Gagosian to buy several Warhols from another dealer's estate (4_1_11) (3_9_12)

de Pury, Simon...a Swiss art auctioner and collector... On Bravo's "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist." (2_18_12)

hage, joe... a lawyer and collector based in Zurich (3_9_12)

hirschmann, carl... a former zurich nightclub owner (3_9_12)

lau, joseph... a hong kong art collector... collects Warhol, among others (3_17_12)

martin, steve (3_29_12) actor, comedian, musician

mcenroe, john  (3_29_12) tennis player, announcer

mugrabi, jose... a warhol dealer (4_1_11)

olbricht, thomas... a berlin endocrinologist who is constructing a five story museum to showcase his art collection (3_9_12)

pinault, francois... ower of christie's... recently bought a $17.4 million Warhol at Christie's (4_1_11) 

polsky, richard... a private dealer (4_1_11)

rubell, donald and mera... of miami... featured on the "60 minutes" website (4_1_12)

safra, lily... of London, UK (3_9_12)

scholl, art collector... attends art basel in miami beach....married to debra

sursock, marc and victoria... of london (3_9_12)

timberlake, justin... l.a. art collector, singer, actor, philanthropist (6_14_11)

waters, maker (3_29_12)

wildenstein, alec (deceased brother of guy wildenstein) (2_21_11)

wildenstein berlow, samantha (2_21_11)

wildenstein, daniel (deceased father of guy wildenstein) a friend of Picasso (1917-2001) (2_21_11)

wildenstein, david (2_21_11)

wildenstein, georges... (deceased grandfather of guy wildenstein) (2_21_11)

*wildenstein, guy, owner of Wildenstein & Company art gallery, as well as a massive collection, numbering 10,000 works, inicluding Cézanne, Renoir, Manet, Monet and Van Gogh.  See 2/21/11 article about the Wildensteins in The L.A. Times. (2_21_11)

wildenstein, jocelyn (former wife of alec wildenstein) (2_21_11)

wildenstein, kristina (2_21_11)

wildenstein, nathan (deceased great-grand-father of guy wildenstein), a tie manufacturer who opened a gallery in Paris calle Wildenstein & Co. (in the 1870's) (2_21_11)

wildenstein, sylvia (deceased second wife of daniel wildenstein) (2_21_11)

art competitions

moran portrait prize, a portrait competition held in Australia each year... runner-up prize = $10k, and $150,000 first prize... Over 4,000 submissions (9_26_10)

prix de west invitational art exhibit held at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum (9_26_10)

art critics

allen, henry... art critic (3_10_12)

bracewell, michael, british cultural critic (1_13_12)

clothier, peter, art critic in the "huffington post"

greer, germaine, art critic

hickey, david (3_11_12) in art documentaries on Netflix (3_29_12)

hughes, robert, art critic

myers, marc, of the WSJ...  I just wrote him today begging him to write an article about me (8_27_11)

saltz, jerry... senior art critic for the NYT... On Bravo's "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist." (2_18_12)

tobin, richard... an art historian and critic for The magazine in Santa Fe, NM (3_14_12)

wilmerding, john... writes for the WSJ (3_31_12)

woodward, richard b.... art critic in NY... his work appears in the WSJ (2_23_12)(3_29_12)

artistic curators

jazar, bernard, longtime curator for the reznicks (9_28_10)

brenneman, jina... curator at the Harwood Museum in Taos, N.M. (3_18_12)

easton, elizabeth w. (3_29_12)

kaiser, philipp... curator at the L.A. MOCA (He's leaving soon.).  He will be going to the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany, where he will be their next director. (3_28_12)

martineau, paul... Getty Museum curator... He curated the recent Herb Ritts photo exhibit...

mike D... rapper of the Beastie Boys, and curator at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in L.A. (3_28_12)

monroe, alexandra... senior curator of asian art at the guggenheim...shown in "60 Minutes." with jennifer stockman, president of the board of the guggenheim foundation (4_1_12)

rooseboom, hans... curator of riksmuseum, amsterdam (3_29_12)

sanders, jay.... age 36...curator of a show at the Whitney (3_18_12)

sussman, elisabeth.... curator at the Whitney (3_18_12)

art dealers

art dealers association of america... the top club of the art dealers industry, according to the WSJ (4_1_11) 

blum, tim... l.a. art dealer... partner of jeff poe of the l.a. gallery 'blum and poe' ...featured in "60 minutes" (4_1_12)

boesky, marianne... a competitor of Larry Gagosian (4_1_11)

brown, gavin...competes with Larry Gagosian (4_1_11)

daniel, cynthia, founder of a stroke of genius, an online gallery and artists' referral service (12_17_11)

***gagosian, larry... a powerful art dealer with a global network of eleven galleries (4_1_11)

gladstone, barbara.... art dealer (4_1_12)

glimcher, arne (art dealer, film director, and producer) of of the art world's most powerful figures.  He is the founder of the Pace Gallery.

goodman, marian... art dealer for gerhard richter (3_9_12)  

jopling, jay... along with larry gagosian, is one of the two hottest art dealers in the world.  He began selling fire extinguishers, and is the father of the Young British Art movement.   He gave birth to the careers of Damien Hirst  and Tracey Emin. (9_21_11)

juda, david... David Hockney's longtime London art dealer.  (2_12_12)

marks, matthew... art dealer for jasper johns, among others (4_1_11)

mitchell-inness, lucy... the president of the art dealers association of america...the top club of the art dealers industry, according to the WSJ (4_1_11)

mugrabi, jose... a major warhol dealer (3_9_12)

nahmad, david... a major picasso dealer (3_9_12)

parsons, betty, of NY... Deceased (3_3_12)  

poe, jeff... partner in the l.a. art gallery  'blum and poe' with tim blum (4_1_12)

siedlecki, brian(blog) of Laguna Beach, CA (sadly, now deceased founder of the art gallerist of laguna beach) (4_1_11)

westwater, angela... of NY...a big-wig... showed Richard Tuttle in 1996... (3_11_12)

zwirner, david... a competitor of Larry Gagosian (4_1_11)

art fairs

***art basel, in miami beach... the most important contemporary art fair in the world, according to "60 Minutes"... frequented by Larry Gagosian... 265 dealers... (4_1_12)

art education pretty cool resource to teach oneself in various art media (12_18_10)  Thanks to Josh Marion for the recommendation.

gnomonworkshop (2_27_12)

red engine school of design (2_27_12)

v.a.s.e. - visual arts scholastic event (tx)

art foundation

herb alpert foundation, of Santa Monican, president Rona Sebastian, focuses on music in education, and artists

art gallery directors, owners...gallerists

boone, mary (3_24_12)

brand, michael... new gallery director of the NSW Gallery in Sydney, Australia. From 2005-2010, Brand served as the director of the Getty Museum in L.A.

powers, bill...On Bravo's "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist."

shafrazi, tony (3_24_12)

art galleries

angles gallery, of LA (6_20_11) 

bergamot station gallery... in L.A. ?  Owned by William Turner (3_11_12)

david kordansky gallery, of culver city, CA (4_17_11)

deitch projects of NY city (founded by jeffrey deitch, who recently moved to LA to run the MOCA there)... closed jan. 2010

felson, rosamund gallery, of santa monica, CA (9_28_10)

half gallery, NYC... owned by Bill Powers, Andy Spade, and James Frey (2_18_12)

koplin del rio gallery, on Washington Blvd. in Culver City, CA

laxart, on La Cienega, in LA?

marc selwyn fine art of LA

martha orero gallery, of LA (6_20_11) 

margo leavin gallery, of west hollywood, CA (4_17_11)

moore, mark gallery of Santa Monica

NSW gallery of Sydney, Australia...  Michael Brand = their new gallery director. following Edmund Capon's 33 year tenure.  (2_13_12)

overduin and kite of LA

*pace gallery of NY city (founded by arne glimcher in Boston in 1960)

paula cooper gallery...of NY city, affiliated with artist rudolf stingel (4_17_11)

pyo gallery of LA

rose gallery, on Michigan Ave. in Santa Monica

russell collection of fine art, the, in Austin, TX... I visited there 7_8_11 and briefly met L.A. artist Daniel MaltzmanThe Russell Collection is directly across the street from the Wally Workman Gallery. (7_9_11)

sherry frumkin gallery, of Santa Monica

sperone of wim delvoye (3_30_12)

steve jarrett gallery, of New Orleans, Lousianna...shows fabian perez, among others 

steve turner gallery, of LA (6_20_11)

thomas solomon gallery of LA

turner contemporary gallery (2_25_12)  

wally workman gallery, of Austin, TX... shows Carol Marine (5_24_11) I just visited there today.    The young lady working the desk saw my artwork and said that it might be more fitting at The Russell Collection of Fine Art across the street.  When I went over there, I briefly met the L.A. artist Daniel Maltzman.  (7_8_11)

art galleries online one online gallery for grant artistry (I only have a few works there right now.)

the art gallerist of laguna beach of laguna beach, ca

            my section within 'the art gallerist' of laguna beach  my main online gallery for grant artistry

art renewal center

art review, another online gallery for grant artistry (I only have a few works there right now.)

fine art america

artist online groups I just joined this - tried loading some of my artwork on here 2x's and both times the site crashed with Java errors.

starving artists "where artists find open calls" (12_22_10)

art publishing houses

art in motion, of compton?, CA... CEO Kristoff Honeyman

somerset fine art of Fullshear, Texas, (W. of Houston) requires 10-12 artworks for submission

sundanceof Orlando, Florida

art sponsors

mercede-benz...sponsor of a festival at the MOCA in LA (3_28_12)

art scholars

agee, william c.  (2_23_12)

sandler, irving (2_23_12)

wilkin, karen (2_23_12)

auction houses

bonham's (3_17_12)

christie's (4_1_11)

sotheby's... of london (4_1_11)(3_9_12)

art writers

boehm, mike ... writes for the LA Times (3_28_12)

colman, david... writes for the NYT (3_18_12)

finkel, jori... writes for the LA Times (3_20_12)

gamerman, ellen ... writes for the WSJ (3_3_12)(3_30_12) 

hall, james... writes for the WSJ, and about Michelangelo (3_3_12)  

hirst, michael... a lifelong student of Michelangelo (3_3_12)

lacher, irene... writes for the L.A. Times. (3_11_12)

landi, ann... writes for the WSJ (3_14_12)

langdon, helen... wrote on Caravaggio (3_3_12)

richardson, john... wrote on Picasso (3_3_12)

 schuker, lauren... writes for the WSJ (2_24_12)

wilkin, karen... writes for the WSJ (2_29_12)

wilmerding, john... writes for the WSJ  (3_31_12)

woodward, richard b.  ... writes for the WSJ (3_29_12)

art schools / workshops

art center, in pasadena, ca - I dream to study here one day.

blair school of art - photorealism workshops ~$900 tuition and lodging for ~4-5 days

watts atelier - lucas graciano teaches there... in encinitas, near san diego

benefactors / philanthropists / patrons

annenberg foundation, a private foundation established in 1989, headquartered in Los Angeles (9_26_10)

annenberg weingarten, charles, of the annenberg foundation (9_26_10)

annenberg weingarten, gregory, of the annenberg foundation (9_26_10)

annenberg, wallis, of the annenberg foundation (9_26_10)

autry, jackie, by far, the biggest benefactor of the Autry Museum, according to the 12_11_10 online issue of the "L.A. Times."... widow of Gene Autry (12_18_10)

bon, lauren, of the annenberg foundation (9_26_10)

broad, eli and edyth, of the broad foundation (9_26_10)... see "L.A. Times" article re: Eli Broad here(3_19_11)... sponsor of the L.A. MOCA (3_28_12)

brody, frances laskey, (deceased) (12_18_10) founding benefactor of the LACMA, and a guiding patron of the Huntington Library

geffen, david, (9_26_10)

kotick, bobby.... LACMA trustee, president of Activision (3_20_12)

lauder, ronald s. , the lauder foundation, of NY (9_26_10)

reznick, lynda and stewart, owners of POM juice drink and Fiji Water.  L.A.-area art patrons .  They have their own exhibition pavillion at LACMA.  Ms. Reznick has been a LACMA trustee since 1992 (The LA Times) (9_26_10)

rubenstein, helena... died in 1965... a close friend of Salvador Dali (4_8_11)

zuckerberg, mark, founder of facebook

college station area, tx artists, galleries, & groups (includes austin, bryan, brenham, frederickburg, round top & somerville) 

 alexander, phillip, Dr., of College Station, TX (aviation artwork, drawings)

art979gallery of Bryan TX (in the Village Downtown restaurant)

art c's gallery of Somerville, TX (owned by Cheryl Wooten and Cathy Schuster)

arts council of brazos valleyof College Station, TX (promoting the arts in the Brazos Valley)

benson, guy, of College Station, TX - painter and photographer

bevins, jami, of College Station, TX

bianchi, chris... of B/CS, TX... He and I were in the same oil painting class in B/CS with Dimitri Koustov.  He will be going to art school in NY in the fall. (2_25_12)

bissett, tammi l., of College Station, TX - varied TAMU artwork

brazos valley art leagueof College Station, TX (art league of various artists)

boutwell, george of Clifton, TX (Texas vernacular artwork)

brumley, randy of College Station, TX (western images, etc.)

butterfly chasers photography of College Station, TX (portraits - high quality, wow)

bryan art collective (artBAC) of Bryan, TX

chadwick, ken of College Station?, pencil artist

chase, terry, Dr... an amazing science artist who does dioramas etc. for the Smithsonian and many others... (3_11_12)

coats, harold, of Nacogdoches, TX (TAMU, Civil War, and animal artwork)

cushman, russell of Navasota.  I just saw him on TV. (1_6_12)

davis, curtis, airbrush artist, currently working in a kiosk in the Post Oak Mall... a multi-generational air-brush artist (6_20_11) 

davison, dick, of College Station, TX (fantasy-architectural murals)

d&s premier art, of Bryan, TX (owners, Sue and Dennis Corrington), Aug. 2010 - formerly in the basement of LaSalle Hotel in Bryan

ellison, charles oil paintings...(3_31_12)

forsyth center gallery, MSC, of College Station, TX... kristy petty, communications specialist... nan curtis, director (4_15_11)

frame gallery, the, of Bryan, TX, greta watkins, owner

franklin, john, of College Station, TX... filmmaker

gallery at round top, of round top, TX...proprietors: karen vernon, and ken muenzenmayer (5_14_11)

gunn, clare... retired A&M professor... drawings of A&M buildings... (3_14_12)

hadaway, ray of B/CS, TX... cool acrylic paintings... a loose feel... saw them today in Greta's Frame Gallery (2_24_12)

harvey, g of Fredericksburg, TX... famous american artist

herrera, hailey, of College Station, TX... great water colors!... great drawings (1_15_12)

house, felice... of Austin, TX  (2_24_12)

jalapeeno, jimmy... of Austin, TX (3_13_12)

kessinger, kent of College Station, TX... drawing, wood carvings, printing, etchings

knox, benjamin of College Station, TX (TAMU, and other university artworks)

koustov, dmitri, of College Station, TX...originally from Russia... teaches painting lessons (1_15_12)

leland, bob of College Station, TX... drawing, painting, murals... did a mural of horses and two figures in a green prairie at Greens Prairie Elementary School, in College Station, TX. (8_5_11)

lindsay, rose marie, of Bryan, TX... teaches water-color classes... paints water colors, oils, and draws pencil drawings (11_17_10)

marion, josh, of Bryan, TX... drawings, paintings, photographs, abstract, realism (12_15_10)

miller, gisella, of B/CS, TX area... artist, does murals, plasterwork, and great detailed ceilings (1_25_12)

phillips, becky... of B/CS, TX?.... saw her work today in Greta's Frame Gallery (2_24_12)

pinkerton, john of Somerville, TX... prolific artist of dogs, portraits, abstract, etc... also some essays (12_10_12)

rose, mike of College Station, TX... authentic military models with exacting attention to detail (2_20_12) 

scarpace, j. vincent of College Station, TX (fish artist)

 schueckler, larry of College Station, TX (sculptor)

singleton, tanner of College Station?, TX... photographer of colorful nature scenes

spangler, linda jaynes of B/CS, TX... saw her work today in Greta's Frame Gallery (2_24_12)

stark, emma, of B/CS, TX area?... muralist

stucky, laura... of B/CS, TX?.... saw her work today in Greta's Frame Gallery (2_24_12)

tamu dance program, of College Station, TX, Katherine... This group recently danced at a BVAL event (9_02_10)

taylor, mark, of College Station?, TX...worship leader, musician, web designer, writer, media consultant, teacher

taylor, chuck...of B/CS, TX?.... saw his photography today in Greta's Frame Gallery (2_24_12)

theo's gallery of College Station, TX... custom framing, fine art dealer, photo-restoration, digital scanning... Lewis King, Laurie Rhodes, co-owners

tw vanya of Somerville, TX... (Timothy W. Vanya) western paintings, drawings and photographs

unique's, of Brenham, TX, owner Kathy Boehnemann

van alstyne, jenny, of College Station, TX?... whimsical alice in wonderland drawings re: the ravages of alzheimers  (7_5_11)

xiao, daniel of College Station, TX (paintings, drawings, photographs)

younger, dana... of Austin, TX (2_24_12)

concept designers

page, neville... a concept designer in the entertainment industry, and a teacher at the Art Center College of Design (6_14_11)

paick, james... a concept designer in the entertainment industry, of Pasadena, CA (11_21_11)

contemporary artists

adler, amy (3_11_12) L.A., on the faculty at UCSD

ai weiwei of beijing, china... according to "frontline," ai weiwei is the most documented chinese public figure... his studiio was bulldozed in about 2009 (3_29_11).... Larry Gagosian desires to represent ai weiwei, according to the WSJ. (4_1_11) Majorly influenced by Warhol. (3_17_12)

alexander, peter... friend of ed moses in L.A.  (3_11_12)

amer, ghada...previously affiliated with Larry Gagosian (4_1_11)

anderson, scott (painter) of Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA 

armusik, eric (painter) of Pennsylvania?, b. 1973 (10_1_10), in the style of Carravagio

arnoldi, chuck... friend of ed moses in L.A.  (3_11_12)

baca, judith (very prolific muralist and professor at UCLA) b. 1946, of L.A.

baldessari, john of Santa Monica, CA, b. 1931... connected with Mr. Brainwash of L.A. (3_11_12)  ... His work is being bought by billionaire Nicolas Berggruen for the LACMA. (3_20_12) (3_29_12)

banksy, british clandestine street of the two most famous street artists in the world, along with Shepard Fairey (1_13_12)

baugh, casey, of New England.  I really like his artwork.  I would like to paint in a similar fashion one day.  He's been mentored by schmid, richard  (1_6_12) 

bedia valdes, jose(mildly dark abstract painter) b. 1959, of Cuba

bell, larry... a very close friend of ed moses in L.A.  (3_11_12)

berlant, tony... friend of ed moses in L.A.  (3_11_12)

berryhill, gene of Southern CA (photography and mixed media)... musician... (3_11_12)

bidlo, mike (3_11_12)

biller, les of Santa Monica? (a friend to jazz musician and sculptor, Herb Alpert)

 boland, grant(great painter) of NL, Canada

brainwash, Mr. (Thierry Guetta)... formerly a clothing store owner... then a videographer.... then a pop artist (1_13_12)

brooks, kimberly (painter of famous women, among others) of Venice, CA

brown, cecily...affiliated with Larry Gagosian (4_1_11)

bourgeois, louise... one of tracy emin's idols  (2_25_12)  

burden, chris (3_18_12) ... His work is being bought by billionaire Nicolas Berggruen for the LACMA. (3_20_12)

callaghan, joshua of Los Angeles, CA (2_9_11)

chapman, jake and dinos  (2_25_12) Two of the YBA's (Young British Artists)

chantel, dinkel (painter) of ?

charles, michael ray... formerly of Cedar Park, TX... currently resides in Austin, TX? (3_25_12)

chasemore, richard(cross-section Star Wars artist), of UK

choe, david... stands to make $200 million with the FB IPO, for doing artwork in their corporate office, and then receiving shares of stock as payment.  (2_14_12)

#2church, ryan , of Northern CA

close, chuck... of Bridgehampton, NY... a painter and photographer of faces... Has the condition called 'Face Blindness.'  Is partially paralyzed.  (3_18_12)

condo, george (2_18_12)

currin, john (2_18_12)

dean, roger, of UK, artist for rock band YES, artistic inspiration for movie, Avatar (10_8_11)

delvoye, wim... belgian artist (3_30_12)

demuth, charles (3_18_12)

dicianni, ron.... christian artist of So. Cal.. great skills. (3_29_12)

dill, laddi...  friend of ed moses in L.A.  (3_11_12)

 ehrenberg, felipe, (boxes and prints) of Brazil

emin, tracey... A leading figure in the art world.  According to the WSJ, one of the most prominent artists of her generation.   She employs fifteen workers.    (2_25_12)

entrekin, john of Newark, OH... portraits, figurative, etc. (12_13_10)

etienne, nicole... California watercolorist...(3_24_12)

fairey, shephard ... one of the two most famous street artists in the world, along with Banksy (1_13_12)

fanzhi, zeng...Larry Gagosian desires to represent him, according to the 4_1_11 issue of the WSJ.

fischer, urs...affiliated with Larry Gagosian... Urs is 38 years old.  He depicts things falling apart.  He says, "Everything I do is mechanical - It never goes through the hand."   (2_24_12) Swiss contemporary artist (3_30_12)

fonseca, caio... NY artist... "a modern day Joan Miro w/ abstract painting" (3_31_12)

friedman, tom...previously affiliated with Larry Gagosian (4_1_11)

garabedian, charles... friend of ed moses in L.A....ed moses says that he is the best painter to come out of L.A.  (3_11_12)

gauldin, catherine of Katy, Texas, (great paintings and architectural illustrations) a successful Aggie grad

glynn,liz ... of L.A... in Hammer Museum $100,000 contest... (3_14_12)

gold, claudia... graffiti street artist and painter (3_24_12)

graciano, lucas (fantasy artwork - a friend of my brother's friend :) 

greene, daniel e.... of North Salem, NY... a great oil painting artist (3_22_12)

greiner, max jr. of kerrville texas (painting, sculpture, etc., a successful Aggie grad)   

grober, robert... (3_18_12)

haring, keith (3_25_12)

hartley, marsden (3_18_12)

hayward, jimmy.... friend of ed moses in L.A.  (3_11_12)

hill, charles... friend of ed moses in L.A.  (3_11_12)

hirst, damien (assembly line, very successful artist)... his account manager is millicent wilner, for larry gagosian (4_1_11)  Here is a NYT article about his recent new burst of "spot" art (12_13_11). One of the YBA's (Young British Artists) (2_25_12)(3_30_12)

hockney, david (famous artist, currently creating art on the Apple I-Pad), of a secluded house in the Hollywood Hills, CA, and Yorkshire, England, age 74.  Many know him for his scenes of swimming pools and slender young men.  He works in a staff in England and in L.A.  He is growing deaf.  He is now working in the seaside village of Bridlington, 75 miles from Bradford.  He is a great admirer of Rembrandt.  (2-12-12)

hugo, jean... great-grandson of writer/artist Victor Hugo (3_31_12)

jaeger, alexander (cool hand-drawings of cars) senior visual effects director for industrial light & magic, of San Rafael, CA?

jenssen, hans(cross-section Star Wars artist), of UK

johns, jasper (age 80) of Sharon, Connecticut... according to the 4_1_11 WSJ,  shows with dealer Matthew Marks...

johnson, rashid

judd, donald... minimalist (3_14_12)

kaloterakis, nick... his art is in "popular science" and "national geographic," among other publications....  he is very skilled, and his studio is in Sydney... I really like his newer stuff. (8_16_11)

kasper, dawn... L.A. artist, 35 years old... was an assistant to the deceased artist Mike Kelly (3_3_12)  

keene, tobias... a long-running friend of the actor Robert Downey Jr...  a British artist, a third generation British painter, born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England in 1963.  Currently living and working with his wife (studio manager Candian actress, former model, and screenwriter) Robbi Chong in Los Angeles....  Chong is the daughter of Tommy Chong (of Cheech and Chong), and sister of actress Rae Dawn Chong. (11_26_11)

kelly, mike ... His work is being bought by billionaire Nicolas Berggruen for the LACMA. (3_20_12)

kiefer, anselm (4_1_11)

kippenberger, martin ... His work is being bought by billionaire Nicolas Berggruen for the LACMA. (3_20_12)

koons, jeff... affiliated with Larry Gagosian (4_1_11)... works with a large staff... wow - this guy is like the frank gehry, or the liberace, of the art world (3_29_12)

kubrick, christiane, of UK... born in 1932... wife of deceased director Stanley Kubrick (2_17_12)

levin, steven j. of Minneapolis, Minnesota...a great oil painting artist (3_22_12)

lewitt, sol... minimalist (3_14_12)

lin, maya... artist and architect (3_28_12)

lucas, sarah (2_25_12) One of the YBA's (Young British Artists) (2_25_12)

maltzman, daniel... L.A. artist, in oils.  I just briefly met him in Austin, TX at his gallery show at The Russell Collection.  (7_8_11)

marin, john... a painter (3_18_12)

marine, carol, of blue cloud studios in Austin, TX (5_24_11)

marshall, kerry james... of the PBS series 'Art 21.'  (3_28_12)

masullo, andrew (3_25_12)

mauss, nick (3_18_12)

maxwell, richard (3_18_12)

mccarthy, paul... ... His work is being bought by billionaire Nicolas Berggruen for the LACMA. (3_20_12)

mcnaughton, jon... controversial political and religious artist (3_21_12)

mitchell, dean...b. 1957 (5_14_11)

molnar, mark of (concept artist, similar to ryan church)

morimura, yasumasa... appropriation artist... greatly influenced by Warhol (3_17_12)

moses, ed... of L.A., age 85... has cancer..father of Andy Moses... He works with assistants in his artwork. (3_11_12)

moses, andy... son of ed moses (3_11_12)

mr brainwash of L.A. (large scale street artist)

mullins, craigof HA

murakami, takashi... affiliated with Larry Gagosian (4_1_11)

nauman, bruce... (3_11_12) ... His work is being bought by billionaire Nicolas Berggruen for the LACMA.  He lives in NM. (3_20_12)

nielly, francoise... very colorful paintings... looks like he paints with a knife... I would love to paint like this guy someday... (2_12_12)

o'hara, karen, of __ (set decorator) She just won an Oscar for "Alice in Wonderland." (2_27_11)

oliver, kermit (b. 1943) of Texas Southern University (2_16_11)

parke, lesley of Vermont (currently paints garbage, actual garbage, not the quality of her work)

penn, irving (2_18_12)

peyton, elizabeth (2_18_12)

perez, fabian of LA (formerly Argentina, Italy, and Japan) painter of dancers, etc.

polke, sigmar ... His work is being bought by billionaire Nicolas Berggruen for the LACMA. (3_20_12)

poons, larry  friend of ed moses in L.A.  (3_11_12)

pramuk, andrea... of Austin, TX (2_19_12)

prince, richard...affiliated with Larry Gagosian (4_1_11)

roden, steve, of LA

rachofsky, howard...(4_1_11)

ray, charles ... His work is being bought by billionaire Nicolas Berggruen for the LACMA. (3_20_12)

ribak, louis (3_14_12)

richardson, terry (2_18_12)

richter, gerhard... last year, his art sold for $200 million... works out of a pair of studios in cologne   (3_9_12) ... His work is being bought by billionaire Nicolas Berggruen for the LACMA. (3_20_12)  This site of his work is pretty voluminous (3_30_12)

rocklen, ry... of L.A... in Hammer Museum $100,000 contest... (3_14_12)

ruscha, ed ...affiliated with Larry Gagosian (4_1_11)  His work is being bought by billionaire Nicolas Berggruen for the LACMA. (3_20_12)

ryman, robert... minimalist (3_14_12)

saban, analia... of L.A. in Hammer Museum $100,000 contest... (3_14_12)

sachs, tom... (2_18_12)

salle, david, 80's art star (1_13_12)

santos, cesar, of Miami, Florida (painter, this may be the BEST living fine artist I've seen so far)

schmid, richard... of Vermont... Mentor of Casey Baugh.  (1_6_12)

schnabel, julian of NY (painter, movie director) (1_13_12)

schutte, thomas ... His work is being bought by billionaire Nicolas Berggruen for the LACMA. (3_20_12)

serra, richard... mammoth sculptures (3_28_12)

shapton, leanne... of NY...illustrator, author and publisher (3_31_12)

shultz, dana (2_18_12)

siegel, michael  of L.A. (2_29_12) 

snyder, joan (3_11_12)

sokol, jordon...of Queens, NY... lives and teaches art in Florence, Italy... a fantastic artist and painter... I really like his depiction of atmosphere between the viewer and the subject. (1-19_12)

soth, alec (2_18_12)

stanley, paul (lead singer of KISS - He sold $3 million worth of paintings in 2009.  Wow.)  My wife really likes his art. 

stingle, rudolf...affiliated with Larry Gagosian (4_1_11)

stromberg, robert, of __ (visual effects supervisor) He just won an Oscar for "Alice in Wonderland." (2_27_11)

suvero, mark di...previously affiliated with Larry Gagosian (4_1_11)

taylor, henry... of L.A... in Hammer Museum $100,000 contest... (3_14_12)

thomas, samantha...  friend of ed moses in L.A.  (3_11_12)

tiravanija, rirkrit... Larry Gagosian desires to represent him, according to the 4_1_11 issue of the WSJ.

turrell, james...affiliated with Larry Gagosian (4_1_11)

tuttle, richard... of NM...known as the 'artist's artist."  (3_11_12)

twaddle, randy... of houston, TX... designer, artist... draws transformers, wires, etc.  (7_21_11)

uklanshi, piotr... polish born multimedia arist (3_24_12)

vasconcelos, joana... portuguese artist(3_24_12)

yank, karen... (3_14_12)  a sculptor and former student of Agnes Martin

walker, kara ... mentioned in "60 minutes" as a truly gifted young American artist" (2_18_12)(4_1_12)

washington, burl, painter of buffalo soldiers, and other subjects, of fort worth, TX, (1_22_11)

white, timothy (photographer, buddy of deceased jim marshall)

wiley, kehinde (3_25_12)

williamson, kieron (young boy artist, prodigy, possible future picasso)

woods, lebbeus (cutting edge paper architect) of NY

wright, paul of UK.  A portrait artist.  I really like his artwork.  I would love to paint like him!  (10_8_11)

xiaogang, zhang of China (fuzzy portraits replacing destroyed portraits (symbolically) from his childhood)

deceased american artists

basquiat, jean-michel  1960-1988 (3_28_12) ...Championed by the L.A. MOCA's Jeffrey Deitch.

bellow, george (3_10_12)

benton, thomas hart... muralist... peaked in 20's and 30's... Pollack's teacher (3_10_12)  

bess, forrest (paintings) 1911-1977 (2_16_11) Recommended by GW (3_29_11)... A friend of Mark Rothko, also deceased. (3_29_11) A good article in the WSJ about him hereBorn in Bay City in 1911, he studied architecture briefly at Texas A&M. (3_3_12)

beuys, joseph ... Died in 1986...His work is being bought by billionaire Nicolas Berggruen for the LACMA. (3_20_12)  

calder, alexander (2_23_12)

curry, john steuart (3_10_12)

davis, stuart (2_23_12)

de kooning, william (2_23_12)(3_10_12) did a series called "woman."  (3_14_12)

de niro, robert, sr.(paintings) (father of the famous actor by the same name)

denis, maurice  (3_29_12)

disney, walt (3_10_12)

eakin, thomas (2_29_12)  

evans, walker (2_23_12)

gorky, arshile (2_23_12) of the NY school along with Gottlieb, and Pollock(3_14_12)

gottlieb, adolph (2_23_12) of the NY school along with Gorky, and Pollock(3_14_12)

graham, john... born ivan gratianovitch dombrowsky in kiev... (2_23_12)

hopper, dennis (photography, painting) of Los Angeles, CA  (famous actor)

homer, winslow - seascapes and landscapes(1836-1910) WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (3_31_12)

hopper, edward... (1882-1967) "One of the great American realists of the 20th Century"  (3_10_12) (3_31_12)

hugo, victor... (1802-1885) writer and artist (3_31_12)

indiana, robert (3_14_12)

kelly, ellsworth (3_14_12)

kelly, mike (3_3_12)  an artist known for a punk aesthetic... died in early 2012 at age 57...

kline (3_10_12)

krasner, lee (2_23_12)

lartigue, jacques  (3_29_12)

lichtenstein, roy (2_23_12)

mandelman, beatrice   (3_14_12) 

marshall, jim (rock-n-roll photographer)

martin, agnes... of Taos, NM... 1912-2004.. was a good friend of artist Richard tuttle... minimalist artist... famous for her contemporary grid paintings. (3_11_12)(3_14_12)(3_18_12)

matulka, jan (2_23_12)

mondrian, piet (3_11_12) (3_14_12)

neel, alice (painter of portraits, and many other things) of NY

newman, barnett  (3_14_12)

onderdonk, julian (the "father of texas painting") referred to my by my mother today on the phone (8_28_11)

pollock, jackson... a student of artist Thomas Hart Benton... Had mental problems, and alcoholism.  Died at age 44 in a car crash.... of the NY school along with Gottlieb, and Gorky. (2_23_12) (3_14_12)

rauschenberg, robert...affiliated with Larry Gagosian (4_1_11) (3_14_12)

reinhardt, ad (3_14_12)

ribak, louis (3_14_12)  

rosenquist, james (3_14_12)

rothko, mark (3_3_12)  

#1 sargent, john singer (I love his artwork!!!) 1856-1925

smith, david (2_23_12)

smithson, robert (3_30_12)  earthworks artist

stella, frank (3_9_12)

tanner, henry ossawa - the first African-American painter to achieve international success (2_29_12)  

tawney, lenore (3_14_12) friend of Agnes Martin... a weaver

vallotton, felix  (3_29_12)

warhol, andy (2_18_12)... Died at age 58 in 1987.... (3_17_12)

whistler (3_10_12)

white, charles...(1918-1979)... drew AMAZING drawings of African Americans (3_28_12)

wood, grant (3_10_12)

wyeth, andrew (3_10_12)

deceased worldwide artists

bonnard, pierre (3_29_12)

breitner, george hendrik (1857-1923) of the Netherlands  (3_29_12)

breton, andre'...surrealist master (3_31_12)

caravaggio (3_3_12)  

cezanne (2_23_12)

cocteau, jean...surrealist master (3_31_12)

dali, salvador (3_9_12)

da vinci, leonardo (3_3_12)  

davis, stuart (3_10_12)

debuffet (2_23_12)

de chirico (2_23_12)

durer (3_30_12)

evenepoel, henri... of the Netherlands  (3_29_12)

freud, lucian... died last year (3_9_12)  

ghirlandaio... Michelangelo was greatly influenced by Ghirlandaio. (3_3_12) 

giacometti, alberto (3_9_12)  

gober, robert (3_3_12)

gonzales, julio (2_23_12)

gris, juan   (1887-1927) a Spanish painter and sculptor... lived and worked in France (3_23_12)

heisler, jindrich... czech artist... photography (3_31_12)

#3 hiroshige, utagawa, of Japan, 1797-1858

holbein, hans... from near basel... (3_30_12)

hokusai, of Japan... woodcuts (3_29_12)

hussein, ibrahim... (3_17_12)


lauens, henri (2_23_12)

leger (2_23_12)

lucas cranach the elder... from near basel... (3_30_12)

macdonald-wright, stanton (3_10_12)

magritte (2_23_12)

malevich, kazimer...affiliated with Larry Gagosian (4_1_11)

michelangelo (the best documented renaissance artist).  There are 1,400 surviving letters from him.   Born in Florence in 1475.  Painted the Sistine Chapel (1508-1512).  Carved "David" in 1501-1504.  (3_3_12)  

miro (2_23_12)

monet, claude (3_9_12)  

#1 pablo picassoof Spain

rembrandt (2_12_12)

rivera, diego (3_3_12)

riviere, henri (1864-1951) of France...avante-garde theater designer.... (3_29_12)

schongauer, martin ... from near basel... (3_30_12)

#2 siqueiros, david alfara of Mexico, 1896-1974 (wow) sculptures, paintings, murals

stern, irma... of s. africa... died about 1966... at that time was s. africa's most popular artist....(3_17_12)

stieglitz, alfred (3_10_12)

titian (2_12_12) (3_31_12)

turner, J.M.W. (2_12_12)

twombly, cy...died last year... (3_9_12)

van doesburg, theo ... De Stijl art movement founder (3_11_12)

velazquez... tonal painting (3_31_12)

vuillard, edouard  (3_29_12)

directors, film

allen, woody (2_26_12)

altman, robert (2_26_12)

angelopoulos, theodoros (2_26_12)

bay, michael (2_26_12)

bergman, ingmar (2_26_12)

bogdanovich, peter (2_26_12)

cameron, james, of ______, director, producer, screenwriter, editor, and inventor,  (1_29_11)

capra, frank (2_17_12)

coen, joel and ethan (2_26_12)...directors of the latest version of "True Grit"  (3_17_12)

copolla, francis ford...b. 1939 (2_26_12) Father of Sofia... (3_23_12)

copolla, sofia...b. 1971... Daughter of Francis... (3_23_12)

corman, roger... director of B-movies (2_26_12).... mentor of francis ford copolla (3_23_12)

darabont, frank... director of Shawshank Redemption (3_25_12)

demme, jonathan (2_26_12)

eastwood, clint (2_17_12)

ford, john  (2_26_12)

frankenheimer, john (2_25_12)...director of "The Train," among others...

hanson, curtis (2_26_12)

hitchcock, alfred (2_17_12)

howard, ron (2_17_12)

lynch, david (2_26_12)

lucas, george (2_17_12)

kubrick, stanley (2_17_12)

malick, terrence (2_26_12)

madonna (3_25_12)

nichols, mike... married to dianne sawyer.. director of "The Graduate"... (3_14_12)

pollack, sydney (2_17_12)

robbins, tim (3_25_12)

sales, john (2_26_12)

scorcese, martin (2_17_12)

spielberg, steven (2_17_12)

tarkovsky, andrei (2_26_12)

welles, orson (2_17_12)

wilder, billy (2_26_12)


brunner, robert.  Apple Design chief replaced by Jonathan Ive in 1996. (12_30_11)

coster, danny of New Zealand.  Apple Designer. (12_30_11)

de luliis, Daniele of Italy.  Apple Designer. (12_30_11)

esslinger, hartmut.  Frog Design founder.  Apple Designer. (12_30_11)

ive, jonathan an English designer and the Senior VP of Industrial Design at Apple Inc. (12_30_11)

lucente, sam.  HP Design Chief in '06.   (12_30_11)

meyerhoffer, thomas.   Former Apple Designer. (12_30_11)

rams, dieter.  Cheif desiners at Braun in '06.  (12_30_11)

sapper, richard.  IBM Desinger. (12_30_11)

zorkendorfer, rico of Germany.   Apple Designer. (12_30_11)


 aga khan museum, of toronto (2_13_12)

andy warhol museum, of pittsburgh  (3_17_12)

art institute of chicago (3_31_12)

artscience museum, of singapore (3_17_!2)

armory center for the arts , of pasadena, ca, (9_28_10)

autry national center, of los angeles, ca

bowers museum, of santa ana, ca

centre pompidou, of paris (3_9_12)  

detroit museum of contemporary art, of detroit (3_3_12)  

eli broad musem, a stone's throw from the disney concert hall in downtown L.A., not built yet (as of 8_18_10)

hammer museum (3_20_12)

harn museum of art at the university of florida (3_31_12)

hermiage museum in st. petersburg (3_31_12)

harwood museum of art, of taos, nm (3_14_12)

indianapolis museum of art (3_28_12)

getty museum, of los angeles, ca

guggenheim museum (4_1_11)

kansas city art institute (3_10_12)

lacma, of los angeles, ca

menil collection... of houston, tx (3_3_12)  

metropolitan museum of art in new york (3_20_12)(3_30_12)

miami's museum of contemporary art... of miami, fl (2_25_12) 

moca pacific design center, of west hollywood, ca

musee du luxembourg (2_29_12)

musee d'Orsay  (3_29_12)

museum ludwig in cologne, germany (3_28_12)

national gallery in london (3_20_12)

neue nationalgalerie, of berlin (3_9_12)  

norton simon museum, of pasadena, ca

paris, museum of modern art in.... (3_20_12)

philadelphia museum of art (2_29_12)

riksmuseum, amsterdam (3_29_12)

santa barbara museum of art, of santa barbara, ca

santa monica museum of art, of santa monica, ca (6_20_11) 

tate modern, of london (3_9_12)  

whitney museum of american art in new york (3_3_12)  

museum directors, chair of boards of trustees, presidents, and CEOs

barrron, stephanie... L.A. County Museum of Art senior curator of modern art.  She has presented three major Hockney exhibitions since 1988.

brand, michael... formerly directed the Getty Museum.

cuno, james, president of james paul getty trust... he replaced the deceased james wood  (5_22_11)

dixon, nick... director of the artscience museum of singapore  (3_17_12)

deitch, jeffrey of the museum of contemporary art in los angeles (moca).  According to "The L.A. Times," Deitch is the first career art dealer in memory to lead a major nonprofit American museum.  He champions the deceased artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.  (3_28_12)

govan, michael, LACMA museum director (3_18_12)

finley, daniel m. of the autry museum in L.A. (named president nd CEO 8_13_10) He had a long career in Wisconsin local government administration, according to the L.A. Times.

harrison, michael... the L.A. MOCA's CFO.  (3_28_12)

johnson, david... the L.A. MOCA's board co-chair. (3_28_12)

kaiser, philipp... soon will be the director of the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany (3_28_12)

kanschat, melody, LACMA president, stepping down in May, 2011... has served as president and CEO since 2005. (1_31_11).. She originally succeeded Andrea Rich.

longhenry, susan... director of the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos, N.M. (3_18_12)

mccay, marshall, named chief trustee of the autry museum (12_18_10)... he succeeds developer Thomas Lee.

potts, timothy... named new Getty museum director.  This position has been vacant since Michael Brand departed in 2010.   (2_14_12)

shiner, eric... director of warhol museum in pittsburgh (3_17_12)

stockman, jennifer... president of the board of the guggenheim foundation... mentioned in "60 Minutes" (4_1_12)

wood, james n.... deceased former Getty trust president and chief executive...died in 2010 (2_13_12)

networking, online

linkedin - here is the site for grant artistry

manta - here's the site for grant artistry

pencil & charcoal artists

apriyatno, veri of ?  (has a very popular page on FB called drawing pencil... he is very skilled)

beerens, nicolien of the Netherlands (cool celebrity drawings) 

bevins, jan of New Zealand

brady, ginger of Portland Oregon (cool dog drawings)

#4buck, andy of UK (AMAZING photorealism)

#1.1 buck, kim of Australia (great oomph in her charcoal drawings)

cadden, paul, of Scotland... AMAZING, large, pencil photorealistic drawings. (3_17_12)

calle, paul, of Stamford, CT... pencil drawings and oil paintings... according to Wikipedia, he passed away in 2010...  (8_6_11)

candon, kevinof Chicopee, MA (cool portrait of John Travolta under celebrity photos)

chapman, robert of ? (this guy has the cleanest, simplest art website I've seen... a really good business model for pencil art)

chiang, isabelof Sydney, NSW (cool self-portrait... captures her personality, I bet)

colestock, carol of Central Pennsylvania (cool portrait of Clint Eastwood in gallery 2)

#1.7 deakin, matt of Penzance, UK - hyper-realism

duey, brianof Grand Rapids, Michigan (almost photo-realistic, but with a cool feel)

#1.11 dzimirsky, dirk of Germany? (wow - he is muy increible!) (5_18_11) 

* #9 foster, james l. of OK (awesome equine and human portraits)

#8gibb, john s. of England (old world, great detail, without feeling like a technician)

#1.4 graham, john of UK (his drawings on facebook are much better than on his website.)

hann, randy of Newfoundland (heartwarming drawings)

#1.2hennessey, simon of England (WOW - intense realism.  so crisp!)

herz. john d. of New York, NY (drawings of NY city people)

hidayetoglu, tuna ferit, of Turkey (AMAZING drawing of milla jovavich)

#7 huber, lindaof Upstate, NY (AMAZING drawing of a hand... and even more AMAZING of an eye)

kataja,mattiof _ (realistic, edgy feel)

#2kinney, jason,of Arlington, Texas (high realism) ...He has a talented student named Anastasia Tillman (10_19_11)

#3.1 lambert, brian, of Yorkshire, UK (hyperrealism, very similar to paul lung's work)

lee, patrick of L.A., CA (drawings of street toughs)  Here's a review in the "L.A. Times."    I like his work, a lot.  (7_3_11)

lung, paul (video of his feline drawings) of Hong Kong (these cat drawings are AMAZING... but why cats?)

#3lung, paul (diff. link from above) (THE MOST technically REALISTIC pencil portraits i've found so far) (very similar to brian lambert)

#1.3 marchetti, augusto of Italy (portraits capturing the atmosphere in front of the face, if that makes any sense)

#1.6 meredith, clive of Warsash, UK (incredibly detailed animal drawings)

#1.14 mersmann, armin... a very talented artist of midland, michigan. (10_19_11) 

nemo, of denver, co (4_11_11)

#1.13 okafor, kelvin of UK

#1.5 rey, marcos of Spain (amazing drawing of smoke)

#5riley,cath of the UK (go to galleries, then flesh... AMAZING)

#6 robinett, marsha, of NY? (her "crab apple tea" drawing is AMAZING)

sanyoto, anom, of ?

Scott, rob, of Novas Scotia (cool horse drawing)

sidhu, indy of

te,david and faith of the Philippines (portrait of marquis alexandre tan captures something very interesting)

tennant, marc of San Francisco? (charcoal drawings)

#1.12 wadleigh, asuka komai of Tokyo (wow- I really like her drawings... her style is unique from everybody else on this list) (5_22_11)

williams, peter of Leiston, UK? (a facebook link, could not find his website)

                 (*= a link back to this site from their site)


adams, ansel (3_18_12)

avedon, richard (3_24_12)

butterfly chasers photography of College Station, TX (portraits - high quality, wow)

cowart, jeremy  (3_15_12)

douglass, scott (2_25_12)  

emge, david of australia, freelance surf cameraman... was at UCSB the same time as me... (3_24_12)

galeone, michael of VI?, surf, nature, family, spirituality, etc. photography, (11_25_10)

grimes, dennis of college station, TX, various wedding photos, etc. (11_2_10)

gullett, chris of college station, TX, nature photographs (1_9_11)

gursky, andreas...affiliated with Larry Gagosian (4_1_11)

heisler, jindrich... czech artist... photography (3_31_12)

hinshaw, ron, of huntington beach, ca - great nature photography

king, lewis of college station, TX

le querrec, guy... (3_24_12)

mapplethorpe, robert (3_24_12)

orwig, chris of santa barbara?, CA...was at UCSB the same time as me...(3_24_12)

ritts, herb (deceased) (3_24_12)

shaffer, alan... photographer for L.A. artists (3_11_12)

sherman, cindy.... curious photographs... many various self portraits (3_24_12)... shown briefly in "60 minutes" (4_1_12)

swiger, j.d.... formerly of college station, TX... a former photographer for "The Battallion"... his current photographs are very, he is my favorite photographer on earth  (10_10_11)

weston, edward (3_24_12)

portrait artists

chambers, william (Listed in 12_5_11 "Barron's" article by Joanne Kaufman as on of the top names in the portraiture field.)  Fees from $9,000.  He is in Illinois. (12_17_11)

greene, daniel e., one of the most preeminent portrait artists today, of NY (5_14_11) (Listed in 12_5_11 "Barron's" article by Joanne Kaufman as on of the top names in the portraiture field.)  (12_17_11)

kenyon, anna manry (Listed in 12_5_11 "Barron's" article by Joanne Kaufman.  She sells portraits for $13,000-$25,000 for a pastel, and $16,000 to $30,000 for an oil painting.) She lives in Jacksonville, Florida.  Charges $13,000-$50,000  (12_17_11)

kinstler, everett raymond (Listed in 12_5_11 "Barron's" article by Joanne Kaufman as on of the top names in the portraiture field.  Described as one of the two grand old men of portraiture by Kaufman.  Kinstler is 84 years old.  He charges $25,00 to $100,000 per commission.)  I just ordered his book Painting Portraits.  He has studios in NY and CT. (12_17_11)

paules, dean l., of York Pennsylvania... Charges $25,000-$40,000.

rushworth, michele (Listed in 12_5_11 "Barron's" article by Joanne Kaufman.  She charges $8,000-$12,000 for a child's portrait, and $10,000-$16,000 for an adult's.)  She is in Seattle Washington. (12_17_11)

sanden, john howard (Listed in 12_5_11 "Barron's" article by Joanne Kaufman as on of the top names in the portraiture field.)  He is in NY, NY. (12_17_11)

shanks, nelson (Listed in 12_5_11 "Barron's" article by Joanne Kaufman as on of the top names in the portraiture field.)  Works in Philadelphia (12_17_11)

shikler, aaron (Listed in 12_5_11 "Barron's" article by Joanne Kaufman as on of the top names in the portraiture field.  Described as one of the two grand old men of portraiture by Kaufman.  Sells portraits for up to $200,000.)  I REALLY like his work. He was born in 1922.  (12_17_11)

silverman, burton (Listed in 12_5_11 "Barron's" article by Joanne Kaufman as on of the top names in the portraiture field.)  (12_17_11)

wells, v., a great sports portrait artist, of TX (5_24_11)

winner, luana luconi, of Raleigh, North Carolina.  Prices begin at $4,500.  (12_17_11)

portrait societies (note to self:  i need to join the portrait society of america.)

photography, stock

printing, online

special effects firms

double negative visual effects of London and Singapore, worked on "Iron Man 2," and "Inception" (2_1_11)


 alpert, herb of L.A.?, famous jazz trumpeter, and generous philanthropist (to the tune of more than $100 millioin)

chamberlain, john... affiliated with Larry Gagosian (4_1_11)

marvell, kristan of L.A., mentor to herb alpert

miscellaneous hyper-realistic sculptors(1_27_11)

muir, jack (2_26_12)

murrill, gwynn... friend of ed moses in L.A.  (3_11_12)

prevost, jim... B/CS sculptor.  We met at the Bryan Art Step.  Works in steel. (3_2_26)

price, ken... friend of ed moses in L.A... He just died.  (3_11_12)

#1 rubins, nancy of L.A. (i think that "the transformers" movies' look was inspired by her sculptures.)

schueckler, larry of College Station, TX (sculptor)

serra, richard... mammoth sculptures (3_28_12)  

walton, bill... deceased 2010 (3_25_12)

western alliances

western artists

beckendorf, charles of fredericksburg, tx... He passed away in 1996.  referred to me by Dr. A  (9_3_11) 

coleman, john, of clifton, tx, sculpture of native americans

cottrell, sheila (2_26_12)

crowley, don, of cortaro, az

dalhart, windberg of fredericksburg, tx... Windberg has an art school.  referred to me by Dr. A. (9_3_11_ 

eubanks, tony, of clifton, tx

foster, james l. of ok

green, bruce, of clifton, tx

grelle, martin, of clifton, tx, paintings of native americans

hallmark, george, of clifton, tx

meyers, scott, of fort worth, tx... referred to me by Dr. A.  WOW!  This guy's paintings are spectacular.  I especially like his painting  "Before the Storm."   (9_3_11)

shufelt, robert "shoefly," of new mexico,  award winning western pencil artist, 75 yrs. old (12_26_10)...these drawings are really great!

spaziani, sonya , of lebanon, or

vanya, tim, of somerville, tx, paintings of western figures

western competitions

masters of the american west, of the autry national center

prix de west, of national cowboy and western heritage museum

western museums

autry national center, of los angeles, ca

bosque art center, of clifton, tx

national cowboy and western heritage museum, of oklahoma city, ok

wildlife artists

wells, ronnie, of salado, tx, paints and sculpts wildlife with excellence (11_04_10)


art of the carolinas, in raleigh, nc (5_14_11)