museum luminaries (deceased)

barr, alfred h. (1902-1981)..the first director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City (6_20_12) more info here (6_22_12)
baur, jack
... deceased former director of the whitney in 1968-1974... he is briefly mentioned here (6_22_12)
berggruen, heinz
(deceased)... father of olivier and nicolas berggruen... heinz was a famous gallery owner in paris... sold a collection of 165 pieces to the city of berlin in 2000 for approximately $100 million (7_20_13)
clark, stephen c.... deceased founding trustee of the museum of modern art in ny (7_20_13)

daly, nancy
... late philanthropist... formerly a leading LACMA trustee (4_27_13)
goodrich, lloyd
... (1897-1987) deceased former director of the whitney... more info here (6_22_12)
hoving, thomas
(1931-2009) deceased former director of the met... more info here (6_22_12)
justi, ludwig
... (deceased)... director of berlin's nationalgalerie (5_5_12)
phillips, duncan
(1886-1966) ... of the phillps gallery museum in the late 1920's... more info here (6_23_12)
robbins, danny
(1932-1995)... deceased former director of the fogg art museum at harvard... more info here (6_22_12)
rockefeller, blanchette ferry hooker
(1909-1992)...was born blanchette ferry hooker in ny... she was the daughter of elon huntington hooker (the founder of hooker electrochemical company) and blanche ferry... she was on the board of trustees for the museum of modern art in 1952... (6_20_12)
taylor, francis henry
... deceased met. museum director in the 50's and curator... more info here  (6_22_12)

williams, hermann warner, jr... deceased former museum director of washington's corcoran gallery of art in 1962... here's a link to a book that he wrote listed on (6_19_12)
wood, james n
.... deceased former Getty trust president and chief executive...died in 2010 (2_13_12)