pencil artists

apriyatno, veri of ?  (has a very popular page on FB called drawing pencil... he is very skilled)
beerens, nicolien
of the Netherlands (cool celebrity drawings)
bevins, jan
of New Zealand
brady, ginger
of Portland Oregon (cool dog drawings)
#4buck, andy of UK (AMAZING photorealism)
#1.1 buck, kim of Australia (great oomph in her charcoal drawings)
cadden, paul
, of Scotland... AMAZING, large, pencil photorealistic drawings. (3_17_12)
calle, pau
l, of Stamford, CT... pencil drawings and oil paintings... according to Wikipedia, he passed away in 2010...  (8_6_11)
candon, kevin of Chicopee, MA (cool portrait of John Travolta under celebrity photos)... more info here (9_14_12)
chapman, robert
of ? (this guy has the cleanest, simplest art website I've seen... a really good business model for pencil art)
chiang, isabel
of Sydney, NSW (cool self-portrait... captures her personality, I bet)
colestock, carol
of Central Pennsylvania (cool portrait of Clint Eastwood in gallery 2)
#1.7 deakin, matt of Penzance, UK - hyper-realism
duey, brian
of Grand Rapids, Michigan (almost photo-realistic, but with a cool feel)
#1.11 dzimirsky, dirk of Germany? (wow - he is muy increible!) (5_18_11)
#1.001 fazio, diego... of Italy... stupendously amazing!....more info here (4_21_13)
* #9 foster, james l. of OK (awesome equine and human portraits)
#8gibb, john s. of England (old world, great detail, without feeling like a technician)
#1.4 graham, john of UK (his drawings on facebook are much better than on his website.)
hann, randy
 of Newfoundland (heartwarming drawings)
#1.2hennessey, simon of England (WOW - intense realism.  so crisp!)
herz. john d.
of New York, NY (drawings of NY city people)

hidalgo, dr. david
... of ny, ny... a plastic surgeon and a pencil artist... featured in the wsj...more info here (8_18_12)
hidayetoglu, tuna ferit
, of Turkey (AMAZING drawing of milla jovavich)
#7 huber, linda of Upstate, NY (AMAZING drawing of a hand... and even more AMAZING of an eye)
of _ (realistic, edgy feel)
khare, adonna
... of L.A.? , amazing pencil artist... probably my favorite today... more info here ... a great video of her here(6_15_13)
#2kinney, jason,of Arlington, Texas (high realism) ...He has a talented student named Anastasia Tillman (10_19_11)
#3.1 lambert, brian, of Yorkshire, UK (hyperrealism, very similar to paul lung's work)
lee, patrick
of L.A., CA (drawings of street toughs)  Here's a review in the "L.A. Times."    I like his work, a lot.  (7_3_11)
lipton, laurie
...of L.A.? amazing pencil artist (dark, edgy subject matter)... more info here (6_4_13)

lung, paul
(video of his feline drawings) of Hong Kong (these cat drawings are AMAZING... but why cats?)
#3lung, paul (diff. link from above) (THE MOST technically REALISTIC pencil portraits i've found so far) (very similar to brian lambert)
#1.3 marchetti, augusto of Italy (portraits capturing the atmosphere in front of the face, if that makes any sense)
#1.6 meredith, clive of Warsash, UK (incredibly detailed animal drawings)
#1.14 mersmann, armin... a very talented artist of midland, michigan. (10_19_11)... I just saw his work again on Facebook.  He is a great artist! Wow! (3_25_13)
, of denver, co (4_11_11)
#1.13 okafor, kelvin of UK... and here too (12_23_13)
#1.5 rey, marcos of Spain (amazing drawing of smoke)
#5riley,cath of the UK (go to galleries, then flesh... AMAZING)
#6 robinett, marsha, of NY? (her "crab apple tea" drawing is AMAZING)
sanyoto, anom
, of ?
Scott, rob
, of Novas Scotia (cool horse drawing)
sidhu, indy
te,david and faith of the Philippines (portrait of marquis alexandre tan captures something very interesting)
tennant, marc
of San Francisco? (charcoal drawings)
#1.12 wadleigh, asuka komai of Tokyo (wow- I really like her drawings... her style is unique from everybody else on this list) (5_22_11)
williams, peter
of Leiston, UK? (a facebook link, could not find his website)