western artists

beckendorf, charles of fredericksburg, tx... He passed away in 1996. referred to me by Dr. A (9_3_11)
coleman, john
, of clifton, tx, sculpture of native americans
cottrell, sheila (2_26_12)
crowley, don
, of cortaro, az
dalhart, windberg
of fredericksburg, tx... Windberg has an art school.  referred to me by Dr. A. (9_3_11_
eubanks, tony
, of clifton, tx
foster, james l.
of ok
green, bruce
, of clifton, tx
grelle, martin
, of clifton, tx, paintings of native americans
hallmark, george
, of clifton, tx
meyers, scott
, of fort worth, tx... referred to me by Dr. A.  WOW!  This guy's paintings are spectacular.  I especially like his painting  "Before the Storm."   (9_3_11)
*** remington, frederic.
.. 'charles russell's greatest rival' (4_10_12)
*** russell, charles marion (1864-1926)... 'the cowboy artist'.... grew up in urban prosperity... an actual cowboy for eleven years...entirely self taught (4_10_12)
shufelt, robert "shoefly,"
of new mexico,  award winning western pencil artist, 75 yrs. old (12_26_10)...these drawings are really great!
spaziani, sonya
, of lebanon, or
terpning, howard
... father of susan... known by one critic as the "Thomas Kinkade of western art."  I totally disagree.  He's great! 
terpning, susan... daughter of howard
vanya, tim
, of somerville, tx, paintings of western figures